About us

* We are registered member of Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO).

* We are also member of Africa Tour Operators. (ATO)

* We operate as a booking agent for Gorilla trekking permits in Uganda in partnership with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

* Our reservation team work with curiosity and diplomacy, at your service 24/7 on-line. "Just an E-mail away"

* Our senior tour guides are knowledgable and professional.

* See below some of our past customer's reviews and pictures during safari trip for impression and trust.


Team of Senior Tour Guides


Kwolegable and Professional Tour Guides, ready to take you around Uganda and beyond borders. Don't miss amazing stories about Uganda, Wildlife People and Culture during the safari trip.

Simona and Husband - "Ireland"


"The car we traveled in was spacious and extremely comfortable. We would like to thank them for their service and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is travelling to Uganda or Rwanda."

Jacek And Friends - "Poland"


"I really want to thank the agency and especialy guide -Jimmy, for an amazing and unforgetable trip! Your kindness and friendly attitude towards us made us feel welcome and safe during the gorilla trip."

Diego and Friends - "Spain"


"The price is right and affordable with a magnificent quality of services, perfect accompaniment from the airport, confortable vehicles and very good drivers that make your trip very easy."

Van and Friends - "Netherlands"


"Pretty well organized and accurate. Guide was so passionate on the route, sightseeing and locals. If I ever have the chance to go back to Uganda, I would not doubt to book my trip with you guys!!"

Nadine and Siebert - "German"


"We were were happy with how things were organised, cooperation of Justus and our senior guide Ben. Gorillas and chimpanzees trekking were the official part of the trip. We hihly recommend."

Maria and Leslie - "Sweden"ims

"We had a private tour for 8days. They arranged a very suitable program for our trip in fact. Ben as a guide was a kind and cooprative person. If i decide to visit Uganda again, i will book undoubtfully."

Sales and Friends - "USA"


"Uganda is a true country, the nature is uncontaminated.
The gorilla and chimpanzee trekkings have been a wonderfull experience.

Thank you Jimmy and Justus."

Diego and Maria - "Colombia"


"There was a lot of communication before the trip and each question was answered immediately. The trip was an amazing experience with excellent level of accommodation. We give you 10/10".

Tim Howard - "Australia"


"Excellent and deep understanding on what they are offering. You want an amazing experience please call or email
Justus, he will reply to your questions. like someone who doesn't need to sleep"

Daniela - "Argentina"


"My safari in Uganda with Gorilla Bookings was amazing! Communication ahead of the trip with Justus was clear and quick. and Charles was a fabulous host and guide."

Photographer Iara - "Brazil"


"I would recommend Gorilla Bookings to anyone going to Uganda and wanting to see the mountain Gorillas, wildlife and that Uganda has to offer to contact Gorilla Bookings."

Daniel - "USA"


"We visited a family of 14 individuals, including the silverback and many baby gorillas. The trackers did an excellent job and were very friendly and ready to help when there was no trail or steep areas."

Lee and friends - "Korea"


"I had the most amazing time the staff are so friendly. They really went beyond the call to make sure I had a good time. I would 100% recommend them world-wide
Justus and Ben were just awesome."

Carina and Katrine - "Denmark"


"It was truly amazing! Thank you Justus for organizing this tour for us. Our guide Charles was great, he knows a lot about wildlife and people. we will be back in your country soon so we contact you."

Dorota and Husband - "Poland"


"Visiting the Mountain Gorillas may just be a once in lifetime experience and to have it so well organized & pleasant made it a very very special trip in a safe manner we'll always remember."

Thomas - "Israel "


"Jimmy is such a gentleman and really seems to be so happy in creating a safe and fun environment for his guests. He has such a keen eye and was so quick to point out amazing creatures."

Micheal and Wife - "German"


"Ben was our guide. very steady and punctual (not like many other guides) and tried to accommodate us at every occasion. Very patient, well connected with all other guides in the game parks."

Group Tour - "Sweden"


"We met them by Internet just a few weeks before travelling and we really feel very lucky because you never know if the services will be as good as you wish and they made it realy nice. we give 10/10."

Group Tour - "Mexico"


"Justus helped us very nicely planning the itinerary and took care of all bookings. On top of that he was very friendly and went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed."

Group Tour - "USA"


"Justus and Charles were kind and friendly. The vehicles for the tour were clean. Accommodations were totally awesome with great views, and nice food.
You will not regret with these guys."

Guissepe family trip -" Italy"


"Justus was very responsive at all times of the day. We had many questions and suggestions and Justus was very prompt to accommodate our ideas in the short period of time we had for our trip."

Iger family trip - "Norway"


"Charles was a good guide. And the reservation was made so quick.
I was impressed to pay some part of money upon arrival. Because we were traveling as a family, which was so risky.

Gitare family trip - "UK"ims

"Me and my husband contacted Gorilla Safari Booking because it was his long-life dream to see the gorillas,Out of 5 tour companies we contacted, we choose Gorilla Safari Bookings."

Zbgniew Figas (Family) - "Poland"


"We spent 15days on holiday in Uganda with our grand daughter, organized by Gorilla Bookings team. Jimmy was extremely helpful to us and our gran'. We were very satisfied all through.

Adami and Friends - "Italy"


"From the start, Justus was so responsive and made it seem so easy to come up with a perfect trip for on the short notice I gave him. Our tour guide Ben was so helpful and attentive to us."

Maria Rosa- Family - "Spain"


"The booking worked perfectly and we appriciated the possibility to pay with credit card and we had a nice family vacation trip. Thank you! Strong recommendations."